Application of Ambroxan

2021-01-25 14:08

Natural ambergris is a high-grade spice, which comes from the gray soft stones in the stomach of sperm whales, and the amount is very small. Ambergris ether is a synthetic fragrance with ambergris fragrance, used as a substitute for natural ambergris. Colorless to white crystals.
The "ambergris effect" of nordene can greatly improve the diffusion effect of the essence. It is used in the essence of high-end perfume and cosmetics. It is not irritating to the human body. It is suitable for the fragrance of skin, hair and fabrics, such as soap, talcum powder, Perfume and fix the fragrance of creams and shampoos. The application of ambergris fragrant raw materials in cigarettes. Laibaitang-like substances are the key aroma components of oriental tobacco. Ambroxol is one of the most prominent flavors and makes an important contribution to the smoke of mixed cigarettes. Ambroxol is also widely used in flue-cured cigarettes and perfume industries. Ambroxol is used as a flavoring additive in the cigarette industry. It harmonizes with the characteristic aroma of tobacco, and can cover up impurities. Even if used in small amounts, it can also improve the flavor quality of tobacco. It is especially suitable for blended cigarettes to add flavor and enhance the oriental The flavor of type tobacco. R. J. Reynols Tobacco Company (Reynolds Tobacco Company) has used sclareolide, norambrodiol and ambroxol loaded in a solvent, sprayed on the cut tobacco with an applied amount of 5,000 to 3,000 to improve cigarettes The flavor. Due to its small molecular weight, strong volatility, and low threshold. Givavdan-Route (International) SA of Givavdan-Route (International) SA prepares ambroxol into carbonate (Carbonate-I, Chart2) latent fragrance substance, which has a large molecular weight and is not volatile. During the smoking process of cigarettes, the aroma precursor, nor amsiadiol carbonate, decomposes at high temperature, and at the same time cyclizes to produce the aroma components of an ambasil. The cigarette smoke has obvious woody and amber aromas. Hunan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. prepares the oxalate (Oxalate-II, Chart2) latent aroma substance form of ammbroxol, and then adds it to the tobacco by adding surface aroma, flavoring or flake flavoring. During the smoking and burning process of the cigarette, the aroma-causing substance of ambre is released uniformly, so that the cigarette has a more obvious ambergris aroma.