What are the effects of Epimedium Extract?

2021-01-25 15:46

Epimedium is a commonly used Chinese medicine in China. It has high medicinal value. It is a perennial herb with a plant height of 20-60 cm. The rhizome is stubby, lignified, dark brown, with upright stems, ridged, glabrous, usually without Basal leaves are distributed in Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places. They are born on hillsides and understory grasses, and they like shade and damp areas. Nourish yin and yang, strengthen yang and strengthen the body.

Stems and leaves contain icariin and icariin A (epinedoside A); rhizomes and roots contain noricarliin and icariin (I-cariresinol). Epimedium is a traditional Chinese medicine tonic. It can nourish the yang and kidney, strengthen the bones, dispel rheumatism, and is used for impotence and nocturnal emission, softening of the disc bones, rheumatism arthralgia, numbness, and menopausal hypertension. It can effectively inhibit Staphylococcus and anti-aging. Icariin is one of its effective ingredients, which can effectively improve the cardiovascular system, regulate endocrine and increase endocrine. In addition, it is particularly noteworthy that Epimedium also has anti-cancer effects and is hailed as the most potential anti-cancer drug.
effect :
1. It has a mild inhibitory effect on catarrhalis neisseria, pneumococcus and Haemophilus influenzae. 1% concentration has antibacterial effect on human tubercle bacillus.
2. Antitussive, expectorant and antiasthmatic effects:
Among the various preparations of Epimedium, the fresh stem and leaf extract C and Epimedium Compound No. Ⅱ (Epimedium: Eucalyptus Leaf: Dactylaceae = 8: 2: 1) have a certain expectorant effect (mouse phenol Red method), ethyl acetate extract is preliminarily believed to have antitussive effect (SO2 causes mice to cough), but the antiasthmatic effect on guinea pig bronchial asthma is not ideal.
3. Other functions
Epimedium extract has a hypotensive effect on rabbits. A small amount increases urine secretion, but a large amount inhibits it. It has an inhibitory effect on the isolated rabbit intestine. The isolated uterus is first excited and then inhibited. Oral administration can increase hyperglycemia. The blood sugar of rats has decreased, and Epimedium contains vitamin E (chicken identification method).
Xianling spleen (Epimedium sagittatum) decoction and alcohol extract solution can reduce blood pressure in anesthetized rabbits, normal and renal hypertensive rats. It is believed that the blood pressure reduction principle of Xianling spleen is mainly due to peripheral blood vessels. It is also believed that the expansion is mainly due to the inhibition of the vascular movement center. Erxian Mixture (Xianling Spleen, Cork, Angelica, Anemarrhena, Curculio, Morinda officinalis) has antihypertensive effects on acute anesthetized cats and dogs and hypertensive dogs, and has antihypertensive effects on rats with neurotype, kidney type and testis Excision-type hypertension has a significant effect on lowering blood pressure, but it is not significant for adrenal scald and ovariectomized type in rats. After preliminary analysis, the Erxian mixture contains Huangbai and Xianlingpi as the main antihypertensive components.
Main effect:
1. The immune system
Epimedium polysaccharide has the effect of enhancing the body's immune function, and can enhance and maintain normal adrenal cortex and immune function.
2. Anti-aging
Epimedium affects the aging mechanism from different aspects, can delay the aging process and prevent the occurrence of senile diseases. Such as affecting the passage of cells, extending the growth period, regulating the immune and secretion system, and improving the body's metabolism and the function of various organs.
3. For cardiovascular
Epimedium extract can reduce cerebrovascular resistance, protect myocardial ischemia caused by pituitary gland, and have scientific basis for the treatment of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.
4. Effect on blood
Epimedium polysaccharide inhibits platelet aggregation reaction, can inhibit thrombosis; can promote the differentiation and proliferation of various blood cells, and promote hematopoietic function.
5. Promote metabolism
Epimedium can promote DNA synthesis.
6. Anti-osteoporosis
Experiments have shown that Epimedium can promote the synthesis of bone marrow cell DNA, has a "bugu" effect, and has a good prevention and treatment effect on osteoporosis.