Efficacy of milk thistle

2021-06-21 13:49

When it comes to protecting the liver, nutritional supplements are indispensable. In addition to the various foods commonly used in life, these nutrients can also be obtained from various liver-benefiting herbs. For example, milk thistle, a compositae plant, has a good Liver protection effect.
Specifically, the efficacy and effects of milk thistle are mainly reflected in the extract of its dried and mature fruit, which is silymarin. So, next, let's take a look at what effect silymarin can play on the liver?
What are the effects and functions of milk thistle?
1. Protect the liver cell membrane
Lipid peroxidation can change the fluidity and permeability of liver cell membranes, damage DNA and protein, and then affect the normal function of liver cells. Silymarin has anti-peroxidation activity and can maintain cell membrane fluidity and protect liver cell membranes through anti-lipid peroxidation reaction. In addition, silymarin can also enhance the resistance of liver cell membranes to a variety of damaging factors.
2. Prevent liver damage
Alcohol, environmental pollutants and chemical toxic substances in food can cause damage to the liver, and silymarin can prevent these chemicals from invading liver cells and protect liver cells from damage.
3. Repair liver cells
Protein is an important nutrient for the renewal and repair of human cells, and silymarin can stimulate the synthesis of protein, which is conducive to the self-repair of damaged liver cells and promotes the production of new liver cells.
Who needs to know the efficacy and role of milk thistle?
Milk thistle is good for the liver, so people who have daily needs for liver protection can appropriately supplement it, especially the following types of people:
1. Middle-aged and elderly people
With age, liver function will gradually decline, and milk thistle is also very helpful in improving liver function. At the same time, middle-aged and elderly people can also supplement with Danshen and Schisandra. Danshen can also help improve liver function. Schisandra can enhance the liver's ability to detoxify.
2. Workplace white-collar workers
For people in sales, middle management or self-employed business, drinking and socializing are often common. Coupled with staying up late and working overtime from time to time, it is more difficult to recover from liver damage caused by alcohol. Silymarin can help prevent alcohol from entering liver cells and promote the repair and regeneration of damaged liver cells. In addition, because Pueraria lobata root has the effect of anti-alcoholism, so when white-collar workers supplement silymarin, they can also supplement Pueraria lobata extract.
3. Alcoholic liver/fatty liver population
For these people who have suffered liver damage, daily attention should be paid to the efficacy and role of milk thistle. At the same time, it can synergistically supplement the nutrition of Pueraria lobata, Danshen, Schisandra chinensis and other herbs to better care for the liver.
Supplementing the liver rationally is a necessary measure to care for the health of the liver. After knowing the efficacy and role of silymarin, middle-aged and elderly people with poor liver, white-collar workers in the workplace, and people who are troubled by alcoholic liver or fatty liver, they should pay attention to the supplement of silymarin and other liver-protecting nutrition.