Primula veris extract

Primula veris extract

extract: flower, Whole herb

specification: 4:01 / 10:1 / 20:1

appearance: Dark brown to brown yellow powder

detection: TLC

Quality cert: fdahalaliso

Product Description

Product name: Primula veris extract
CAS NO: 84787-68-8
Active Ingredients: Primula veris extract
Latin Name : Primula veris L.
Extraction Type : solvent Extraction.
Application :
1.Useful in treating acne, pimples, and other skin blemishes. Its unique cleansing properties are said to remove dirt and open the pores of the skin, allowing for a fresher, smoother look.
2.Used for centuries to make sedative tea. Its leaves are said to be mildly narcotic, and it is used as an herbal remedy for insomnia as hell as hyperactivity.
3.Has an effective calming beverage for problems related to nerves and anxiety. The flowers are thought to be a milder sedative and are used to calm and help sleep.
Packaging : 25kg paper drum .
Shelf Life : 2 Years.

Certificate: KOSHER ,HALAL,ISO 9001 .