Pueraria P.E

Pueraria P.E

extract:Root of Pueraria lobata(Wild.)Ohwi.


appearance:Yellow brown to off-white fine powder


Quality cert: fdahalaliso

Product Description

English name:Pueraria P.E
Specification: Puerarin20%-90%
Product properties:Yellow brown to off-white fine powder
Test method:HPLC
Product Resource:Root of Pueraria lobata(Wild.)Ohwi.
Application Scope:Saponins can effectively reverse chemically induced liver fibrosis, enhance myocardial contractility, protect cardiomyocytes, dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, improve microcirculation, protect the deformation ability of red blood cells, and enhance the function of hematopoietic system. It has anti-platelet aggregation, increase fibrinolytic activity, reduce blood viscosity, and has protective effect on nephritis, renal failure model of nephropathy, and has obvious regulatory effect on nonspecific immunity, humoral immunity and cellular immunity. It can promote the lymphocyte conversion rate of normal human and tumor patients, enhance the action of natural hormone, and stimulate the disturbance system obviously.
Packing Specification:Paper Drum
Storage Condition: 24 months when properly stored. Store in cool and dry place and keep away from strong direct light and heat.