Ambroxide or Ambroxan or Ambroxene

Ambroxide or Ambroxan or Ambroxene

extract:Source of Clary Sage(Salvia Sclare l.)


appearance:White crystalline powder


Quality cert: fdahalaliso

Product Description

English name:Ambroxide or Ambroxan or Ambroxene
Product properties:White crystalline powder,a pronounced odor of ambra ,moist, soft, creamy, persistent, warm, animalic, amber odor with a velvety effect.
Test method:GC
Molecular weight:36.34 g•mol−1
Product Resource:Source of Clary Sage(Salvia Sclare l.) inflorescence and stem leaf.Sweet basil, salvia miltiorrhiza, Indus sage and southern Europe, grew up in shallow mountain area in northern shaanxi, due to the big temperature gap between day and night, suitable temperature and humidity and altitude compendium of growth, so the products high ester content and aroma is pure.
Application Scope:Be added in high-grade perfumes and cosmetic flavors. No stimulas to human body, it is suitble to be used as fragrance-adding or fragrance-fixing of personal care products (skin, hair and clothes). Ambroxide used in advanced perfume and cosmetics fragrance, because it's no stimulation to the human body, no allergic reactions to animals, so it's suitable for skin, hair and fabric with xiang xiang.Often make soap, talcum powder, cream and shampoo for add incense, incense.General dosage is 0.1% - 0.2%.Fresh distilled the purity of the product, its aroma is not outstanding, when diluted with alcohol to 10%, and exposed to the air after a period of time, the fragrance will become more soft and beautiful and mellow.The goods set incense of the effect is very outstanding, can greatly improve the essence of the spread of the sending, improve and enhance the role from the head of the essence of perfume has been embodied in always.And humorous and a combination of characteristics of tobacco, and mixed gas can mask, even if the trace of use, also can improve the aroma quality of tobacco, especially suitable for mixed cigarette flavoring, enhanced type Oriental tobacco flavor.
Process Flow:Dry Clary Sage leaves →Sclareolide →reduction reaction →Sclareol glycol→cyclization reaction → dragon salivary ether products to purification, drying and crushing/hybrid/packaging/inspection → finished product
Packing Specification:Paper Drum
Storage Condition: 24 months when properly stored. Store in cool and dry place and keep away from strong direct light and heat.