Rosemary extract

Rosemary extract



appearance: Yellow green Powder to white powder


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Product Description

Rosemary (marinus officinalis) is also known as Compass Plant is part of the Labiatae plant family. Rosemary is a perennial plant
that grows on the dry rocky hills of the Mediterranean region from the Spanish Peninsular to Greece and the Sahara.
Specification: 5%-50% Carnosic acid,
20%-30% Rosmarinic acid,
25%-98%Ursolic acid
CAS NO: 77-52-1
Active ingredients: Ursolic Acid

Function and Application:
1. Antimicrobial activity. Not only inhibits G +, G-bacteria but fungi as well in vitro.
2. Anti-aging agent, which can be used to improve the health of skin and hair.
3. Anti-inflammatory activity. It has been recommended for use in burn ointments.
4. Ursolic acid hasobvious antioxidant activity.
5. Ursolic acid can calm spirit and has cooling effect.
Ursolic acid is applied in cosmetics, it can use and the material of whitening and anti-oxidation;
Ursolic acid is applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used to strengthening immune function and used as the medicine
Shelf Life:: 2 Years.
Packing : 25kg paper drum.