Sclareolide or norambreinolide

Sclareolide or norambreinolide

extract:Source of Clary Sage(Salvia Sclare l)


appearance:Similar white or white crystals


Quality cert: fdahalaliso

Product Description

English name:Sclareolide or norambreinolide
Product properties:Similar white or white crystals, intense aromatic, woody, cedar like, solvable in alcohol and diethyl benzene dimethyl, insolvable in water.
Test method:GC
Molecular weight:250.37 g•mol−1
Product Resource:Source of Clary Sage(Salvia Sclare l.) inflorescence and stem leaf.Sweet basil, salvia miltiorrhiza, Indus sage and southern Europe, grew up in shallow mountain area in northern shaanxi, due to the big temperature gap between day and night, suitable temperature and humidity and altitude compendium of growth, so the products high ester content and aroma is pure.
Application Scope:Mainly used in the synthesis of nature ambergris substitute products including ambroxide and etc. A kind of fine tobacco fragrance-adding and flavor-rectifying pharmaceutical. Sclareolide can increase and improve the attraction of the food. Sclareolide can be used in the weight-reduction products, help to promote the health of thin figure when reducing the fat of body.
Packing Specification:Paper Drum
Storage Condition: 24 months when properly stored. Store in cool and dry place and keep away from strong direct light and heat.